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Day Trading – Forex & Futures

How to trade Forex and futures to make money from home?  Now that’s a great question.  Everybody’s doing it so why shouldn’t I?  Maybe you have found yourself wondering if you could make your living in the electronic world – maybe even learning how to day trade. Day trading the Forex, day trading futures, day trading indexes, day trading commodities, day trading anything just please let me make a living out of it.  This site is, in part, dedicated to that dream.  If you’ve spent any time at all trading you have probably found out that it’s just not as easy as it looks.

Introducing the new NodeTrader add-on for NinjaTrader – If you missed the webinar you can catch the REPLAY HERE

If you’ve never seen the power of a low volume node, then do a search on my blog using low volume node as a keyword or click on one of the hyperlinks in this paragraph to see some great content on how the market responds to these hidden nodes in any market and to see some great strategies built around these nodes that you can take advantage of in your own trading.  NodeTrader has low volume node trading built right in!  Recently, we started trading high volume nodes.  Since they represent real buying and selling in a market, when you filter them by what the market perceives as value you get some really great trading opportunities.  Finally, sometimes a high or a low volume node coincides with one of our proprietary Buy & Sell Zones..  When that happens you can get some really powerful trade entries.  The great thing about NodeTrader is that you get the low volume nodes, the high volume nodes and the zone trades all wrapped up in one precise package.  We even take care of your position sizing, stop, entry and profit targets right there on the screen. Some of us need a lower price point trading method.  Something that will pay for itself in a session or two and not break the bank.  For that reason I designed ScalpTrader.  It takes 2 of NodeTrader’s best trades and gets you in the markets.  At $497 it is affordable and effective.  Check out the video ScalpTrader In Action. If you are particularly interested in learning how we trade, stop by every day for some real life examples in our  How to trade Forex & Futures Blog and if you’re really interested visit our WAT (WaveTrader Auto Trader), WaveTrader or Trade Targeter pages to join the club and start trading profitably. Good Trading, Val PS If you’re ready to trade professional money right now, you can visit these guys and get paid to trade: TopStep Trader